There are thousands of reasons to stay fit, but when you can run for your most favorite things in life is a blessing! I’ve participated in two special themed runs: the king of fruit – 10KM Durian Virtual Run and 5KM Toys Virtual Run.

King Durian Virtual Run 2019 Medal

Medal Front Features: 3D durian design with its thorn-covered rind and rich yellow flesh.
Medal Back Features: engraved words ‘I Love Durian’, ‘King Durian Virtual Run’, ’10KM Challenge’
Medal Size: Width 6.7cm x Height 7.5cm
Medal Color: Bronze Olive Green body, Yellow, White
Medal Strap: Light green background with durians pattern
niqueness: It’s 3D where you can touch its thorn-covered rind, a detailed design depicted exactly how durian looks when the rind opened. Other than eating durian, run for Durian Medal is another way to enjoy the best of king of fruit.
I’ve been completed this run at Putrajaya Botanical Lake Garden on 30 December 2018.

Durian Virtual Run Medal


Toys Virtual Run 2019 Medal

Organizer: 42Race Singapore
Medal Front Features: A big title TOYS with a small 5KM Finisher label, toy-filled-wagon medal carrying building blocks, a wind-up dinosaur, a red toy car, a robot, a yellow duck, a beach ball and a stack up rainbow tower rings toy.
Medal Back Features: a storefront of an adorable toy shop.
Medal Size: Width 8cm x Height 7.5cm
Medal Color: Piano Black body with colorful toys
Medal Strap: filled with colorful Lego bricks, a teddy bear, a kite, a yellow duck, a fish windsock, a rocking pony, a 4pcs puzzle, a robot, a dog, a doll, a toy ship, a dinosaur, a chatter phone, a skateboard, a water gun, a choo choo train, a 7 notes Xylophone and a jack in the box.
Uniqueness: this very detailed medal design reminded me of childhood excitement when playing with those fantastic toys. Let’s never forget to emulate the curiosity and happiness that we had as we stepped into adult life. It’s ok to take a break and play like a kid!
I’ve been completed this run at Putrajaya European Style Park on 19 January 2019.

Toys Virtual Run Medal

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