Bali is a unique island located in Indonesia. The three major highlights on this island are powerful Indian Ocean waves, land of Gods and affordable super luxury hotels & villas. A cute Indonesian word ‘oleh-oleh’, means souvenir, which is the main topic in this sharing.

Handmade Wooden Barong Fridge Magnet

Price: IDR 55000 (USD 3.9 / MYR 16)
Just like Chinese culture Lion Dance, Bali has its mythical creature called Barong. With a ferocious appearance, Barong is a lion-like creature representing as the king of good that defeated the demon called Rangda. Many souvenirs in Bali such as t-shirts, traditional dancer mask, fridge magnet, keychains are designed with Barong’s image, some designers crafted it with an adorable look and some preserve its original ferocious design. I bought this Barong handmade wooden keychain at the Bali International Airport (Denpasar) due to rushing time. This is truly a fine and detailed artwork as it’s painted in Bali hue (Red, Black, White & Gold), swingable body and a cute Barong face to love!


Barong Fridge Magnet Bali Souvenir


Striped Fox Conch Seashell Teaspoon

Price: IDR 59000 (USD 4.21 / MYR 17.16)
This seashell teaspoon comes with 3 sizes in a pack. It’s quite unique that Balinese cut the striped fox conch seashell into the half, elegantly reveal its internal spiral structure as the spoon body, whereas the spoon head is made by polished shining clamshell. What a little craftie worth to collect and it’s reminding me of the beautiful Bali beaches.

Bali Souvenir Striped Fox Conch Seashell Teaspoon


Wooden Airplane Model

Price: IDR 32000 (USD 2.28 / MYR 9.30)
If you stroll around Bali art markets, you will find out there are many skillful carpenters producing wooden artworks, utensils, god statues, cultural masks & etc. Their handcraft is extremely fine, solid and you can feel the quality. I found this mini wooden aircraft price is so cheap (normally this product sell within USD 30 – 60 in my country). To be more specific, this is an antique biplane model – a fixed-wing aircraft with two main wings stacked one above the other. Rotatable propeller, rollable wheels, and swingable tail, I would hang it up at the balcony and let the breezy wind (& my Lego minifigure) play with it!

Bali Souvenir Wooden Airplane Model


Bali Milk Egg Tart – Pie Susu Bali

Price: IDR 26000 (USD 1.86 / MYR 7.56)
Unlike the common egg tart, no preservative Bali egg tart is very thin, light, and snackable! The ingredients including butter, eggs, flour, milk and flavour. It’s a perfect companion to the famous Bali Luwak Coffee! The first bite will make you shout out like wow so damn delicious!

Bali Egg Tart Biscuits Souvenir


Bali Dodol Organic Candy

Price: 15000 (USD 1.07 / MYR 4.36)
Wrapped in dried leaves, Dodol texture is like a sticky chewy, a slightly harder jelly. Available in coconut and rose flavors, it feels like totally natural without any commercial printing package or mass molded sweets. A very cute organic candy to share with family and friends.

Bali Dodol Candy Souvenir

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