Happy Birthday, Malaysia! I usher the country’s 62nd independent day by having a great 42KM running journey. Running Station, a local virtual run organization launched a unique finisher medal that commemorates Malaysia’s traditional entertainment art – Wayang Kulit Puppet (puppet-shadow).

A Brief History of Wayang Kulit

Back to the century without any technology, no TV, Internet, Radio that entertaining the people. The ancestors in Southeast Asia invented an entertainment channel called Wayang Kulit. Translated into English, also known as shadow puppetry/shadow play, is an ancient form of storytelling and entertainment which uses flat articulated cut out figures (shadow puppets) which are held between a source of light and a translucent screen or scrim. The puppet player (or shadow artist) manipulates carved leather figures to bring the shadows to life.

A short video introduced a Shadow Master (Tok Dalang Wayang Kulit) named Rahim Hamzah, sharing his life-long passion in producing and preserving this unique ancient art for Malaysia’s next generation.


Stunning! Happier with Wayang Kulit – Ed Sheeran

Warner Music Malaysia released Ed Sheeran’s Happier in Wayang Kulit style! This astonishing video perfectly presented the beautiful heritage art in our contemporary western pop music!


Wayang Kulit (The Shadow Heritage Run) Virtual Run Medal Design

Medal Front Feature: A male puppet figure – big eyes, long nose, curly mustache, curly hair, ancient head decor accessory, wearing a traditional necklace, arms & wrists decor, naked upper body and wearing a typical Malay Sarong. A plate at the bottom debossed the virtual run title: Into The Shadow Heritage Run. The entire metal-based medal in a shining green bronze hue.
Medal Back Feature: curly pattern, 42KM Finisher, the organizer brand name ‘Running Station’, medal manufacturer brand name ‘Omni Medal’ engraved on spade-shaped metal plate.
Medal Size: Width 7.6cm x Height 9.7cm
Medal & Strap Colors: beige and pastel orange


Into The Shadow Wayang Kulit 42KM Virtual Run Medal


Wayang Kulit Medal Into The Shadow Heritage Virtual Run Malaysia

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