Cool to see, nice to play, once in your mouth, taste like bricks!

Are you Lego bricks fans? Introducing a Lego-like candy which you can build something and eat it! Candy Blox comes with four different sizes and four ‘great’ flavours!

Candy Blox

On the packaging box, you can see some fun ideas to play with, such as to build a fighter jet, moose, pine tree, dog, hut, flower & etc.

Candy Blox Lego


Actually, it’s not recommended to consume this candy as it’s artificially flavoured¬†with Cherry, Lime, Blueberry & Banana.

Lego Candy Fruits Flavour


How’s the texture taste like? It’s very very hard to bite like a solid cement brick, impossible to chew and it supposes to keep in the mouth till it melts.

Lego Hard Candy


It comes in four different sizes (8, 6, 4 and 2 studs), slightly smaller than the original Lego brick size.

Lego Candy size

The nutrition facts suggested serving size 6 – 4 pin pcs (14g), 50 calories, made with 13g sugars, dextrose, citric acid, calcium stearate, artificial flavors, artificial colors and soy. This candy is made in Canada by Concord Confections. There is a chocking harzard warning at the bottom and not suitable for children under 3 years old.

Candy Blox Nutrition Facts

Roughly 120 bricks in a box. Per box price is around RM 22.50 (USD 6). In Malaysia, you can get it from Jaya Grocer. Have a fun discovery!

















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