Las Vegas of Asia, a common impression for Macau. Forget those luxury casinos, Macau was both the first and last European holding in China. Let’s take a look at how surprisingly Portuguese culture living in Macau Chinese’s blood for so long.


Portuguese Art on Building

Portuguese Macau covers Macau’s history from the establishment of the Portuguese settlement in 1557 to the end of colonial rule in 1999. As a first-timer strolling down the Macau streets, it starts giving confusion feeling that you are actually in Chinese-version Portugal or Portuguese-version of China. Portuguese arts can be seen in every building architecture.


Macau Portuguese Culture Building


Chinese-Portuguese Bi-Lingual Road Signs

Traditional Chinese and Portuguese are the official bi-languages for all the road signs.


Macau Portuguese Chinese Road Signs


Macau Chinese Portuguese Dual Lingual Road Sign


Macau Chinese Portuguese Official Dual Lingual Road Sign


Chinese-Portuguese Bi-Lingual School Name

It’s a little beautiful challenges for non-Chinese and non-Portuguese speaker foreigners to understand the signboard when searching and exploring the city.


Macau Primary School


Macau Kindergarten


Portuguese Arts Embedded In The City

Artistic wall masaic art below is written ‘In Hoc Signo Vinces’, is a Latin phrase conventionally translated into English as “In this sign thou shalt conquer”, or according to Merriam-Webster, translated as ‘in this sign (the Cross) you will conquer.’ The mosaic wall art depicted Christianity was spreading into this Chinese land.


Macau Portugese Art In Hoc Signo Vinces


Absolutely similar to Portugal’s capital city, Lisbon, the walkways pavement are decorated with black and white cobblestone in ocean creatures theme.


Macau Portuguese Culture Cobblestone Pavement Art


One of the walkways is decorated with the iconic Ruins of St. Paul’s pattern.


Macau Portugal Cobblestone Pavement Art Ruins of St Paul


The Only Currency with Chinese & Portuguese Languages

Although Macau is not a country, similar to Hong Kong, they have their own currency.


Macau Currency


Portuguese Missionary Newsletter

Did a simple Google Translate, a copy of missionary newsletter describing the history of Christianity transfer from Bali, Malaka to Macau.


Macau Missionary Newsletter O Clarim


Useful Tips To Visit Macau

1. Hong Kong currency is widely accepted in Macau.
2. Macau currency: Macanese Pataca (MOP$) is rare, you can keep as a souvenir. 1 USD = 8.06 MOP / 1 MOP = 0.97 HKD
3. Ride speed boat from Hong Kong to Macau is estimated 1 hour. Returning ticket is HKD200. Buy ticket online can save you a few dollars.
4. Google Map GPS is very unstable, not sure is caused by the Great China Wall interruption. Please have Baidu Map on your mobile.
5. Anyone can tour Macau city without paying a single cent! Just ride on any FREEEEEE CASINO SHUTTLE BUS. Especially the stunning Casino Grand Lisboa Macau free buses with many returns trips, you can visit the famous Ruins of St. Paul’s is within a walking distance.

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