Copywriting & Content Writing

A piece of funtastic content or an amazing article with enriched info does not necessarily write by a well-trained, grammar-perfect pro writer. In fact, many people out there (including me) enjoy writing stories that highlight the interesting object, uncover its uniqueness, benefits and straight to the points by using casual writing style.


Crafting A Piece of Nice Content

Before write anything else, research is the most vital step to craft the info pillars of the content. In order to produce an engaging content, the keywords used must be highly relevant, impactful & updated to the readers. The tool that I constantly use to gather critical facts & figures including Google Keywords Planner, Google Trend, the internet news & etc.

Aside from research, experience the targeted subject before writing it could really help the writer to express precisely about the subject’s characteristics, condition and being genuine. Last but not least, it’s important to ensure the article is SEO-friendly and able to rank high position on Google, gaining awareness and to attract readers.

Laney, The Happy Casual Content Writer

Well, growing up in Malaysia is fun, enriching and truly blessed with amazing experience living in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural society. Mostly, every Malaysian is able to communicate well with more than three languages, particularly Malay 马来西亚文, Chinese 中文 and English 英文. Since we were young, Malaysian have the freedom to choose multiple languages we wish to master, we’re also thrilled watching TV shows from different countries, especially Hong Kong drama actors that speak Cantonese 粤语, Bollywood show that speaks Tamil 泰米尔文, Taiwanese classic soap opera that converse in Hokkien 闽南语 and etc.

I’m also being thankful that my education background that equipped me with this multi-lingual competitive advantage, I’m able to read, speak and write content in English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and fundamental Malay Language.

Types of Content

My casual copywriting is covering:
1. Product / service review
2. Product / service description
3. Simple research and findings
4. Business Introduction
5. Personal biography



Content languages that I covered:
1. English 英文
2. Simplified Chinese 简体中文 (commonly used in Singapore, Malaysia & China)
3. Traditional Chinese 繁体中文 (commonly used in Taiwan & Hong Kong)
4. Bahasa Malaysia 马来西亚文 (Malaysia’s national language, fundamental)

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