COVID19 pandemic giving us much negative impact in our life, but that one thing that always never fail to cheer runners up go for brilliant running theme plus stunning finisher medal design – Pandemic Passport Virtual Run 5KM organized by this inspiring VR organizer – Marathon MY!

In Malaysia, the Government imposing Movement Control Order (MCO) to break the chain of the pandemic, and encourage everyone to #StayAtHome. Well, this is not going to stop us – the runners from running happily – at home!

And this meaningful medal became the spotlight in my running plan, I must earn it! Such a creative medal concept that put all feelings into one design – the desire to travel, exploring home like a whole new world, new COVID slogans that make us laugh and cry.

How do you commemorate your experience for this most unforgettable, global disaster event that happens only once in the century? Let’s look into the detail of this medal tell you all about iconic activities during the pandemic lockdown – in Malaysia.

Passport & boarding pass: symbolized our dream & plan for travel have been cancelled or postponed, in sudden.

Home: From March until June 2020, we just moving within our home for work, leisure, study and everything. You can see the arrival and departure to and from Kitchen, Living Room, Gym Room, Bedroom, Bathroom are stamped on the passport!

COVID19 lockdown slogan: Jangan Ke Sana Ke Sini, literally translated as Don’t Go Here and There is a piece of famous advice by our Prime Minister to all people to stay at home. Whereas the boarding pass name is written Mak Cik Kiah – a fictional figure who do small business by selling fried banana snack mentioned by PM when he is announcing the government is giving financial support for small family business owners.

Medal Strap Color: light peach lanyard with Stay At Home & 5KM Finisher print.

Medal size: width 6cm, height 8.5cm, thickness 3mm.

Medal material: metal with printed colours.

COVID19 Pandemic Virtual Run Finisher Medal Design 5KM

COVID19 Pandemic Virtual Run Finisher Medal Design 5KM Malaysia

Malaysia COVID19 Pandemic Virtual Run Finisher Medal Design 5KM 2020

I completed this run in June at the nearby park alone, abide by social distancing rule.

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