Inspired by the Rawa Island’s turquoise ocean, pristine white sandy beach, and beautiful coral reefs, I handmade a simple yet adorable Corals Wind Chime. The sound of natural corals hitting each other is very pleasant to hear, it’s like the mother nature sending you a relaxing notification: ding~ ding~ ding~

Rawa Island Coral


Corals Wind Chime DIY Materials

The following items are needed to make a small coral wind chime:

  • 5 pieces of dead corals (you can get it from online shop or legally collect from the beach)
  • 1 small twig
  • 5 colorful strands
  • 1 LEGO Sail Boat (learn how to build LEGO Sail Boat here or any ocean decor you like)


Materials for DIY Corals Wind Chime



Step 1: Tie Up the Corals to each Color Strand

Ensure all strands’ length is having at least 18 cm. They will later tie on the twig and a ring.

DIY Corals Wind Chime Step 1 Relax Penang


Step 2: Connect the Corals to the Twig

Tie the strands to the twig, shortest length is 7 cm and the longest length is 11.5 cm. The remains strands length will eventually tie to the coral ring (or any ring) that can hold the wind chime.



Step 3: Tie to the Center Ring of the Chime

A center ring is needed to hold all strands in the middle that keep the wind chime in balance.

DIY Corals Wind Chime Step 3


Step 4: A Hanging Thread

Lastly, a thread to tie with the ring and voila! You can hang it at your garden or window 🙂

Corals Wind Chime DIY


It produces very naturally, soft ding-dong sounds when blow by the winds. The sound will let you feel calm, blissful and relaxing. Add some summer beach vibe to your lovely home. Try it!

Handmade Corals Wind Chime

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