Adult, can’t run away from stressful working life, sometimes might lead to insomnia, nightmare, melancholy dreams that is bad forĀ mental and physical health. Relax! This post gonna give you a positive vibe with the mythical thing called – The Dream Catcher!


What Is a Dream Catcher?

In 18th century, the native American Indians created the Dream Catcher to capture the beautiful dream and let nightmares fade away with the morning sun.


What does Dream Catcher Make of?

Traditionally, the Dream Catcher consistsĀ of a small wooden hoop, in the middle of the hoop has weaved with a net or web by using natural fiber tread, alongside with meaningful sacred items like feathers and beads attached, hanging down from the bottom of the hoop.


How does Dream Catcher Works?

A long time ago, the native American Indians believe (I also believe) that the night air is filled with all kinds of fantasy, and dream catcher will filter and trap all the nightmare in the net. Next day, the bad dream will be gone away with the sunlight. Only good dream to come through the hole and follow the feathers streaming down, giving the owner a beautiful dream.


How To Make A Dream Catcher with LEGO?

Step 1: Find the bricks that can make a round frame. For me, I used 6 pieces of 4 studs retangular brick and connect them with the connectors. You have to ensure the structure is sturdy enough to hold the net.

LEGO Dream Catcher DIY


Step 2: Get colorful strands (choose the colors you like) and pick some round bricks as the beads.

LEGO Dream Catcher DIY


Step 3: Use the colorful strand to weave the net, it’s fine although uneven. Below is my first attempt, the feeling was blissful & happy when I actually making for myself a star-like net *giggle wiggle*! After done with the net, you can’t miss the feather, where the good dream will flow to you via the feather. As I couldn’t get any feather quickly around my house, I’ve decided to make my own colorful feather, just tie the threads to form a feather shape.

Catcher DIY by Laney Siew


Step 4: Lastly, the happiest step! Choose your most favorite LEGO MinifigureĀ (the one can protect you from the evil dream) and clip on the lego frame, tada! Have the sweetest dream ever!

LEGO Dream Catcher by Laney Siew


LEGO Dream Catcher by Laney Siew


LEGO Dream Catcher Design by Laney Siew


DIY Lego Dream Catcher by Laney Siew



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