Howdy! Today I’m proudly to present my bizarre ocean themed sweet dessert that made with unusual ingredients – Crab Ice Cream!!! Aha! Guess what? I discovered a very unique Japanese crispy snack – Fried Mini Crab! While the rest ingredients including best-ever Tiramisu Almond Ice Cream and blue colored starfish sugar.

This featured Japanese snack OKABE Funagata Tamago Kani (玉子ガニ) which is translated as Small Boat (Funagata) Egg 玉子 Crab ガニ, produced in Japan with 60g each pack. It’s containing Charybdis Miles, Sugar, Soy Sauce, Sweet Cooking Rice Wine (Mirin), Seasoning (amino acid) and Coloring Agent.

Nutrition Fact (Each 100g):

  • Energy 227 Cal
  • Fat 0.8g
  • Sodium 1960mg
  • Protein 25.5g
  • Carbohydrates 41.9g
  • Calcium 12100 mg


There’re roughly 30 mini fried crabs for each pack. Baby crab’s size is around 4cm, similar to a coke bottle cab size.

Mini Crab Size - RelaxPenang



Baby crabs packed in a boat shape container and wrapped up with plastic bag. And sell at price of RM14 (USD 4.24). I bought this snack from Japanese Snack Department, AEON Hypermarket at Mid Valley City.

Japanese Snack Baby Crab - RelaxPenang

The baby crab is physically intact, including its crab claws and eyeballs that looked creepy , and the shell looks likely hard to bite it before I put it into my mouth. In fact, it’s extremely crunchy, seafood barbecue aromatic, and sweet.

Fried Small Baby Crab - RelaxPenang

Matched with Tiramisu Almond ice cream, this mini crab tastes even more scrumptious, delectable plus some m&m chocolates and mini starfish sugars. You will feel the delightful oceanic sweetie waves away all your blues 🙂

Seafood Crab Ice Cream - RelaxPenang

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