Next #YOLO project? I eat what I grow! It’s quite a fun and challenging mission for a nerdy living in the city with limited space to grow an…. edible plant! Got this idea in sudden, one day, after visiting a friend who lives in the countryside with a beautiful tropical greenery mini farm, growing bunch of lettuces, papaya, spinach, lime fruits & etc, just like a small botanical garden! And I was thrilled when I can just pick any veggies or fruits, wash and eat’em all, enjoy the instant taste of freshest crunchiness!

Right back to the city, I roamed into a shopping mall’s gardening section and found those interesting vegetable seeds on sale! Curly Dwarf Pak Choy 10 grams of seed produced by Baba Smart Grow (tagline: Grow Fresh, Grow Healthy). On the package, it’s stated the vegetable maturity is between 30 to 40 days. I’ve also got a rectangular, long shaped pot for plantation from Daiso with just USD 3, rich-nutrient soil and organic fertilizer from the mall.


Every morning and evening, I will spend a 2 mins watering the veggie and they started to grow into little green leaves. After a month with ample ‘sun-bathing’ and natural rainwater, I can see the leaves were growing slightly bigger in healthy green, juicy and yet so adorable!

Farm To Plate Dwarf Pak Choy


After continue observing for another 2 weeks, the leave seems stopped growing further as it’s a dwarf species. I was thinking is this a best time to harvest? Since they’re so cute, I was quite reluctant to kill and eat them. Eventually, in good sunny Sunday morning, I’ve decided to harvest them before withering. It looks so fresh in a small portion because I planted them in a small flower pot instead of farm land.


In order to preserve its nutrients, I just boiled it with plain water. Pak Choy is rich in Vitamin A, C and K, it helps regulate heart rate, blood pressure as well as to protect against breast, colon, and prostate cancers.


To serve a simple delicious healthy meal for myself, I’ve decided to pair them with my favorite fish balls and little ketchup dip. It tasted ultra-refreshing!

Farm To Plate Pak Choy Dishes


The entire farm-to-plate experience was so meaningful, you will feel that we’re actually so blessed by the Mother Nature. While living in a too much internet city, we shall always remember to be thankful and appreciate the earth is the one that nurturing and flourishing us. A closer look, veggie’s vein connected to its stalks, what a gorgeous art!







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