You might hear of these encouraging words: enjoy the journey but not to the destination. This post sharing with you the experience of making fruity fireworks was a joyful journey with a dazzling destination!

How To Make Fruity Fireworks?

Step 1. Colorful fruits, get rainbow hue fruits you love to eat. Tips: choose fruits with a larger surface such as honeydew melon in order to cut out the shape. I used watermelon, honeydew, sun melon, grapes, strawberries, kiwi and pineapple as the ‘vase’.

Step 2. Cookie cutters with lovely shapes, like heart, stars, flowers, etc.

Step 3. Bamboo sticks.

Step 4. Play your favorite songs.


Fruits Decoration Fruits Fireworks


Have a cup of hot tea can make your soul happy!
Fruits Decor How To Make Fruity Fireworks

Honeydew melons gettin’ glamour with cookie cutter!
How To Make Fruity Fireworks

Nice to see, smelling fresh & fragrance, taste so good!
Fruity Decoration Idea

The outcome is simply a wow and yay 🙂
Happy Fruity Decor

Simple happiness, healthy yet beautiful fruity fireworks you can enjoy during spare time. Have a good day!

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