Love to travel around the world, explore the unknown beauty of the earth and create stunning life’s memories? Of course, you will bring back home with a full bag of lovely souvenirs, amazing photos, and a refreshed smiley face. But today, I would like to put the spotlight on the little item that is very very meaningful that you can collect along the fantastic traveling journey – the fridge magnet.

Fridge magnet is the tiny adhesive metal stick together with an iconic picture or item such as famous cartoon, the symbol of a city, cultural of a society and many more that represent the uniqueness of each destination’s identity. Unlike taking photos as a major method that preserves the beauty of the event memories (plus, not everyone likes to capture many photos during the journey), fridge magnet is a type of compelling collectible, it is so common, so special that mark your footprint and stick on the cold hard door of the refrigerator.

With a happy heart, I’d like to share with you several inspiring fridge magnets that I’ve collected, the memories recalled so immersive, so tangible.

Pangkor Island Crabby Magnet:

Pangkor island is a fantastic, simple and peaceful fish village located at the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia, about 100 km west of Ipoh and halfway between Kuala Lumpur and Penang. The most enjoyable memories I had over there was the freshest seafood, especially the barbeque crabmeat, fragrance grilled squids, tiger prawns and the seaside ambient surrounded by many colorful fisherman boats. I’m so excited managed to get this creative magnet in the shape of cutie crabby!


The Beauty of Sarawak Magnet:

Sarawak, at 48,050 Sq Mile, is the largest state located at the east of Malaysia. The greatest memories I had over there was visiting the capital city of the state – Kuching, literally translated into English as ‘Cat’, it has a gigantic cats statue (you can see a cat at the bottom of the magnet) and I believe people over there obsessed with petting cat. Other than meows, the place is covering with the natural beauty of flora and fauna, in particular, the biggest flower in the world – Rafflesia. It’s also a best adventurous journey exploring the traditional culture of Sarawak tribes living in a  ‘long house’ built with wooden architecture. Together, all the goodness depicted in this small magnet.


Grand Canyon West, Hualapai Tribe Magnet

Unforgettable travel experience to the Grand Canyon West Arizona, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, I got totally stunned by the majestic mother nature, red-brown rocks, Colorado River, thrilled with see-through glass platform skywalk located 4K feet above the Grand Canyon as well as tour along the native American village and culture – Hualapai. The most unique magnet I ever collected shown below, a red solid stone from the canyon printed ‘Great Seal Of Hualapai Tribe, Peach Springs, Arizona, Grand Canyon West’. Love it!


Merlion Singapore Magnet

The mystical Merlion (Lion head with Mermaid tail) is the icon of Singapore, a tiny yet advanced island country located in Southeast Asia. Singapore is famous with its strategic location as a maritime trading harbor, but what I impressed about it was their high-efficiency culture, well-organized city & public transport, and you can visit the ‘happiest land on Singapore – The Universal Studio’, a fantastic international theme park for thrill-seekers. Another must-visit spot is the Gardens by the Bay – an epic flower dome nurturing one-of-a-kind flora and fauna. Rawrs! scintillating Singapore!


New York City Magnet

New York! Visiting this international city just like living in a real life of Hollywood movie, such amazing, chaos, business & travel-centric city that put me in big shock every single day. The majestic Statue of Liberty, yellow taxi, pop arts, classic trains, cycling entire Central Park, 9/11 museum, standing on the Top of the Rock Rockefeller Center, 5th avenue, Time Square, Flatiron Building, NY Public Library, St Patrick Cathedral Church, and got caught by NYPD for excessive speeding, The Interpid Sea, Air & Space Museum, Apple Fifth Avenue, High Line, MoMA art discover the first picture sent to the moon. Yeah! Wow Wow Wow to this big apple city!


Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco Magnet

San Francisco, one of my favorite place on earth, the city in California, surrounded with beautiful pacific ocean, blanket with mountains, angelic flowers, nice October weather, peaceful streets, cute & vibrant pastel color Victorian houses along the long boulevards, classical cable cars, best relaxing at Pier 39 (Fishermans Wharf of San Francisco), and the marvelous Golden Gate Bridge! Inhale chilling fresh foggy air, grab mouth-watering hotdogs, and cycling across this gigantic iconic bridge are the most joyful things to do for life. Hope one day, I’ve got a chance to contribute my professional knowledge to serve this city.


Las Vegas Magnet

The world most famous casino and entertainment city – Las Vegas (The Meadows in the Spanish language), located at the southern of Nevada State. Once I’ve landed at the McCarran International Airport, and got shocked by so many slot machines located everywhere in the airport. Staying at the MGM Grand Hotel with so many world-class entertainment events, including the famous Cirque De Soleil (what a fantastic circus!), and stroll along the Las Vegas Strip, shop at the iconic Coca-Cola Store, play a slot machine game, and everyone is greeting me with Welcome to Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps! Yeah! The glittering nightlife, cheering crowd on street art performance, marvelous casinos with so many games, the sound of gambling ding ding ding! Thrilling roller-coaster ride next to the Statue of Liberty. The most awake moment in my life. It’s really fabulous Las Vegas depicted in this tiny magnet.



California, Santa Monica Magnet

This magnet was from Santa Monica Pier. It’s a very happening, beautiful and a happy beach where you can ride the roller coaster, have fried chicken wings dancing with your tongue, shop for souvenirs made with seashell, admire the golden sunset, very adorable chubby seagull flying around you, and it’s the endpoint to America’s famous Route 66, the 3939 km highway connecting the country’s heartland to the vast Pacific Ocean. I always have a dream since young, to swim at the California beach, and sing the pop song by Katy Perry ‘California Gurls’ and the classic ‘Hotel California’ by Eagles. This Pacific ocean water is really so cold, such a lovely place!

California Magnet


Museum of Modern Art Magnet

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) located in the big apple – New York City. Although I’m not an art fanatic, I really am impressed by the ingenious art pieces, especially shocked my mind was the 1st art work sent to the moon, called ‘Moon Museum’ a very tiny artwork size like a thumnail, consist of handraw Mickey Mouse, rocket, black square, interconnection lines by 6 prominent artist, I feel that is quite meaningful and strange to me. And much more other artworks like the famous original Marilyn Monroe pop portray. If you feel lost at some point in life, please visit an art museum, there is a good place to inspire your soul.

MoMA Magnet


M&M Chocolate Magnet

A happy travelling journey surely come with M&M chocolates! This plushy magnet not only having a soft & furry surface to touch, also come with different colors exactly same as the real M&M choc. I got this magnet at Singapore’s Changi International Airport M&M Chocolate & Souvenir shop.

Tiny Magnet, Big Memories! Start collecting these meaningful magnets that adhere your best travel journeys 🙂




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