Born to sparkle! A signature collection presented by Bath & Body Works, Moon Glowtion is a Cosmic Candy Body Cream with glitters (gaze the twinkling stars shining on your skin, not sky!) and blended along with the fragrances of vanilla, jasmine & musk. It smells sweet and contains Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice that keeping skin soft and moisturized.



An interesting learning point, what kind of glitter is safe to use for skin care product? The answer is Synthetic Fluorphlogopite. According to LUSH, it is more widely referred to as synthetic mica, is one of the components of the plastic-free glitters, lustres and pigments. Depending on its thickness and the oxides it is coated with, a wide variety of effects, shimmers and colours will be achieved.



Another unique sparkling lotion that could also brighten up your mood, little more jolly giggling and feel super comfortable with a soothing skin – ROSE Cosmic Cream. Similar to Moon Glowtion, this body cream contains glitters as well and blended with a light rose scent.



Both Moon Glowtion and Rose Cosmic Cream were manufactured in the USA, apply ’em on your skin and shine you to the moon, and back!

Quick Brand Story: Bath & Body Works, LLC is an American retailer under the L Brands umbrella, along with Victoria’s Secret. It was founded in 1990 in New Albany, Ohio.

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