Localization is essential for any Western company to succeed in Hong Kong. The fundamental strategy to attract the target local market – be Relevant and Creative, especially be culturally adaptation could create a stronger sense of affinity for people easier to connect with the foreign brand. Let’s explore how LEGO, Google & Swatch store design for Hong Kong branding like a chameleon!


LEGO Mosaic Wall with Hong Kong’s Traditional Cuisines

Lego Certified Store located at Times Square Causewaybay, have their store entrance decorating with a LEGO Mosaic Wall, depicting all the famous Hong Kong local main dishes, particularly Dim Sum, Cantonese Roast Duck, Wonton Noodle, Egg Tarts. It also excites people with the all-time favorite HK snacks: curry fishballs, Egglette, Waffles, lemon tea drink, as well as the classic, buttered toast match with a cup of hot milk tea. LEGO is subtlely conveying a message: Inspired by the local foods, we’re creatively, artistically embrace and celebrate the Hong Kong spirits!


Lego Store Hong Kong Time Square


Hong Kong Lego Ding Ding Tram


Dim Sum Trolley and Cantonese Opera Art Flaunting at Google HK Office

What if I told you, the search engine giant – Google is selling dim sum in HK? The classic bamboo steamers are painted in Google’s hues and placed on the trolley with a Google Cloud logo. Once enter the office, unlimited hot steamy Shumai, fresh prawn Har Gow, Cha Siu Bao automatically download into your mouth. This decor sparks the imagination!


Google Cloud Hong Kong Dim Sum Trolley


A Google skateboard is using ink wash painting a portrait of Cantonese Opera Actress. The word Google is written like the Chinese Calligraphy. It surrounds people with the ambient of oriental, artistic and elegant.


Google Skateboard with Hong Kong Cantonese Opera Art Painting


The Dim Sum Restaurant with Swatch Watches

The Swatch Store at Central Hong Kong is 100% transformed into a typically Dim Sum restaurant. Filled with bamboo steamers, Swatch creatively display its masterpieces alongside with Chinese Tea Pot, Tea kettle, chopsticks, Chinese calligraphy written menu, a horizontal inscribed board has written 客似雲來 – “guests coming like clouds.” It’s an expression primarily for businesses, wishing them to have many customers coming, as many as clouds.


Swatch Hong Kong Localized Culture Design With Dim Sum Store Decor


Swatch Hong Kong Dim Sum Culture Store Decoration


Swatch Watch Hong Kong Dim Sum Culture Interior Design


Swatch Watch Hong Kong Dim Sum Bamboo Steamer Store Decor


[Bonus] Dim Sum’ed Starbucks Bear

For Starbucks lovers, you might aware that the they customed and sell their localized bears in each country. For example, you will found Merlion Starbucks bear in Singapore, and Dim Sum Waiter Bear holding a basket of Bao in Hong Kong.


Starbucks Hong Kong Teddy Bear with Dim Sum Bao


Localization Marketing Learning Tips

1. Localization is an effective way for a business to expand internationally, it translates the products, marketing campaign, branding, website, and any other info architecture into the local culture.
2. Stay culturally sensitive to avoid unintentional conflict.
3. People make a purchase decision is not just based on reviewing the product practicality, but also listen to their heart, which the brand makes them feel awesome, comfortable and happy.

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