Glitters, tiny pieces of sparkling material used for decoration, commonly associated with a joyful celebration. Again, Bath & Bodyworks has smartly blended glitters into the fragrance mist, with a graceful name – Happy Vibes. This positive ‘energy’ has two major functions that make¬†people falling in their lovely glam-glow trap!


Benefit #1: Feel good and smell relaxing!

The fragrance mist is delicately¬†produced with some natural fruits & plants extracts. Just a few sprays on your skin, you will feel the good vibes (& spread ’em!) with a bright, energizing blend of pink citrus, crisp pear, fresh honeysuckle, sheer vetiver & dewy orchid.


Benefit #2: Make you shine happily

Happy Vibes make twinkle stars dancing on your skin, thrill your eyeballs as it shines like a diamond! Infused with real-deal diamond dust, this bright & citrusy shimmer mist lights up skin with radiant fragrance & a glam-worthy sparkle.

Splash some on & treat yourself to an irresistible, skin glowing shimmer. Happy vibes, indeed!



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