What impressions strongly spark in your mind when you set your foot on this unique land of Hong Kong? This post is not about dim sum, wonton or Jackie Chan, but what unique scenes that make it Hong! and Kong!

1. Block out the sky with a palm

No space = immensely crowded > subconsciously feeling stressful > reflect on emotion: anxiety > reflect on behaviour: rush + demanding > become part of Hong Kong’s lifestyle


Hong Kong Concrete Jungle

The concrete jungle of Hong Kong has its own kind of geometric elegant.


Hong Kong High Density Block Out Sky With A Hand

Standing at the junction of Central Hong Kong, concrete jungle where you can block out the sky with a palm.


Narrow Shower Room in Hong Kong

An extreme narrow shower room in a Hong Kong hotel.


2. Bamboo Scaffolding builds up Hong Kong’s skyscrapers.

If you watch Jackie Chan’s movies, you will subconsciously noticed Jackie often show his Kung Fu by fighting with enemies on the bamboo structure. Here’s why. Hong Kong’s infrastructure construction heavily relies on bamboo scaffolding, not common metal scaffolding.



100% bamboo scaffoldings are use to support building structure construction.

100% bamboo scaffoldings are use to support building structure construction.


Bamboo Scaffolding in Hong Kong Building Construction

Hong Kong’ skyscrapers are constructed with the sturdy support of long, slender bamboo poles lashed together with nylon strips. Epic bamboo technology deemed as 21st century green construction material.


3. Addicted to celebrity influences

Be it the Hong Kong stars was popular in 70′, 80′ or 90′. they still carry a strong influencing power to the society via celebrity endorsement ads, everywhere.


Hong Kong Celebrity Endorsement Ads

Dodo Cheng on a nutrition drink ad | Ekin Cheng on an insurance ad | Eric Tsang on a medic ad.


4. Strong appreciation for old goodies

Nope, new tech, new ideas, new people won’t make them forget the old ones. They’re expert in making old goodies valuable, classical, irreplaceable and harmoniously coexistence with new goodies. Remarkably, the Ding Ding Tram (began in 1904) and Mass Transit Railway (MTR, began in 1979) are both essential to Hong Kong people daily commute across the high dense concrete jungle.


Hong Kong Ding Ding Tram

Ding Ding Tram is a timeless beauty in this modern Hong Kong city.


5. No, Hong Kong is not ready for environmental protection

Plastic bags, plastic utensils and styrofoam food packaging are still being widely used in the markets, be it buying groceries or take out Dim Sum, you can easily throw away a plastic bags that would never degrade in decades.


Styrofoam is widely used in Hong Kong

Styrofoam – a dangerous material for health & bad for environment – is still widely used in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong Disneyland being irresponsible for environmental protection by using plastic utensils

Hong Kong Disneyland, a lovely place to entertain & educate the younger generation, being irresponsible for environmental protection by offering their guests to use one-time disposal plastic utensils.


Plastic pollution in Hong Kong

90% of the trashes materials are plastic. Generally, they are not aware or don’t really care for environment protection by using recyclable materials. Plastic cups, straws & bags are inescapable in their daily life.


Thoughts & Reflection

1. Environment and space are extremely important for a human being to grow physically and mentally healthy. Not money.
2. Put efforts in protecting the environment, otherwise, everyone will be hurt by the revenge of the mother nature.
3. The art and science of balancing in life. Anything reached an extreme level will lead to a negative result.
4. Learn to preserve old stuff strategically, it can yield an abundance of wealth, invaluable experiences, knowledge & the spirit of appreciation.

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