The entire restaurant is revolving in the sky! But how it actually works? Let’s have a quick overview of the unique experience dining at Atmosphere 360 @ KL Tower, one of the most iconic buildings in Malaysia.

Every year, there are plenty of exciting events happening at this 421 meters high tower, such as KL Tower International Jump, KL Towerthon or all-time visitors’ favourite check-in places like Blue Coral Aquarium, Upside Down House & etc. But this post is focused on the fantastic revolving restaurant that offers an affordable luxury lunch buffet with a really, really stunning Kuala Lumpur city view.


Revolving Restaurant located at second floor on KL Tower


KL Tower Observation Deck


How does the rotating restaurant works?

Before having a chance visiting the restaurant, I always have a misconception about maybe that particular floor on that tower is revolving, meaning that this tower’s architecture is dynamic, advanced and cool! In fact, the actual condition is the restaurant rotating 360 degrees horizontally due to it sits on a specially designed deck. The entire deck is rotating within the building with a speed of a snail moving. It creates a unique experience whereby the people can enjoy sumptuous cuisines meanwhile admiring the panoramic view of KL city without moving your body. How does it feel? It’s like you are riding on a huge, slow-moving carousel on the sky!


How KL Tower Revolving Restaurant Works


The restaurant on the rotating deck is revolving with a snail speed, while you’re enjoying the nice buffet, and you will notice from the ceiling-to-floor window view is showing different scenery as the direction keeps changing slowly, one moment the outside view is the majestic Kuala Lumpur Twin Towers, a while later you will see another side city, such as Bangsar.


KL Tower 360 Degrees Revolving Restaurant Review


This is the exact view from the restaurant, the concrete jungle has its elegant beauty, signify the modern, progressive infrastructure development in Malaysia.


KL Tower Restaurant Kuala Lumpur Sceneric View


KL City View on KL Tower Revolving Restaurant


KL Tower Restaurant View

Ten reasons why you should visit KL Tower rotating restaurant

1. Because it’s rotating!
2. Admire the amazing Kuala Lumpur City scenery, 421 meters above the ground!
3. Affordable luxury lunch buffet (tips: book online, 2-hour lunch buffet price is around RM107, Malaysian & International Cuisines)
4. A great, simple place to be with family, friends and loved ones.
5. A blissful place to enjoy solitary, feeling calm with a high sky panoramic view.
6. It’s located in the KL city center, easy to reach with the train.
7. One of the most iconic architecture in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
8. The services are just nice.
9. You can shop and get some very lovely souvenirs.
10. There are plenty of attractions inside the tower as well as nearby: Blue Coral Aquarium, Upside Down House, KL Forest Eco Park with Instagramable Canopy Walk, Sky Box, Observation Deck, Cultural Show etc.

Have some fun around, have a nice day! ~ Laney S.

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