Learn how to fail in SEO will also lead you to greater success when you realize the mess up strategies listed below did work. Let’s fail in flying colors!

Step 1. Pick the wrong keywords to optimize

Highway to hell: Being not sensitive to the meaning of the keywords, for example, [boy friend] and [boyfriend] are the same meaning to you, and you trust on Google will rank [husband] with your optimized [boyfriend] content just because both roles are having the similar functions.

You optimize Contact Us page with keyword [contact us] and About Us page with [about us] instead of your Brand name. Thinking that the world who search for [about us] to know you, or typing [contact us] to reach you.


Step 2. Buy cheap & irrelevant backlinks

Highway to hell: due to SEO budget limitation, you buy fake backlinks which commonly disguised as ‘blogger outreach’ (and worst with irrelevant backlinks) just because you think this would help to improve ranking as long as having backlinks pointing to your site.


Step 3. Only optimize Title & Meta Description and that’s it

Highway to hell: Thinking SEO just start with keywords research and ended with optimizing titles, meta descriptions, and routinely buying cheap backlinks. You totally ignored the importance of technically crawlability, HTML formatting, media optimization & many more that impact on website ranking & traffic.


Step 4. Focus on visual appealing and ignored practicality

Highway to hell: Your website is focusing on minimalistic design with large portion of layout filled with beautiful, creative, HD images and very little to no text-based content. You can ignore the powerful, unseen force – Googlebot who deeply in love with rich media, especially the essential of balance in adopting text-based content, graphics, videos & etc. Without text-based content, you shall excite to be crown as the biggest loser in Voice Search era, as all the AI-powered search devices can’t read out loud your fancy website graphics to answer voice search queries, you’ll cheer for getting zero profit in the voice-commerce game like Amazon Alexa sales hit USD2billion.

Voice Search and those AI-powered personal assistant bots work by crawling text-based content to capture the keywords and then answer to the visitors’ queries. To be an epic fail, the website should not be prepared for search behavior with and without the screen.


Step 5. Setting SEO Goals / KPI same as Social Media & Paid Media Goals

Highway to hell: The primary SEO goals are increasing keywords ranking and organic traffic growth by X%. And you come out with a creative goal for SEO, such as:

  • Increase Share of Voice – which is branding campaign performance measurement metric.
  • Increase conversions – which is Paid Media & Conversion Rate Optimization Goal.
  • Rank by tomorrow – just because of hot keywords like [bitcoin], [candy crush] having hell high search volumes, you believe writing 1 or 2 articles can help your site rank 1st page like, by next few sunrises.


Step 6. One website can conquer globally.

Highway to hell: You only have one local business website that mainly serving Korea visitors. And you aim to rank #1 in USA, UK, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Cambodia & the rest of the world, hoping them visit your site via SEO channel. You can ignore Google favoritisms towards geographical ranking factor.


Step 7. Let people stare & wait for 5+ seconds to see your awesome website.

Highway to hell: Living in this internet hustle and bustle world, make sure your website loading speed that could teach your visitors to understand the Zen’s philosophy: patient is a virtue. You can test it with Google PageSpeed Insights, it does suggest you identify stuff that can make sure website to load as slow as possible and your visitors to wait as long as possible.

Quoted by Albert Einstein: a person who never made a mistake never tried anything new. Let’s screw up better.

Laney Siew is an experienced SEO specialist who audited hundred of websites, solving countless of fu*k up SEO campaigns with 7 years of practical SEO skills & updated knowledge.

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