Hello everyone, today I’m gonna show you how to plank like a pro. Hereby I’m proudly introduce my special VIP guest – The Pop Plank Master Mouse shares his exceptional planking actions in several incredible venues.

Plank Pro Biography:
Name: Poprank
Species: Pop minimalist mouse
Dad: Microsoft
Mom: Relaxpenang ^^

Hi guys! I’m Poprank addicted to human fine art of planking! I’m just a mouse though. Well, my cool planks definitely won’t look so stupid as human did hahahaha! Watch out ma pop plank art!

Warm-up stretching gets the muscles ready for Planking, increases flexibility and heart rate! 


Epic Plank #1: Plank on Can

Planking on ma fav sport drink can! Difficulty level: Peanut lah!!!


Epic Plank #2: Cookies Float Planking

Yeah this human impossible plank had proudly achieved by meh! Float planking on cookies ^^. Difficulty level: Peanut Butter


 Epic Plank #3: Sky High Plank

 No safety precautions, I planked on 30th floor from ma office. Mind-blowing sky high plank  somehow is soul relaxing, better than bungee jumping huh! hahaha! “Do not do this action, too dangerous for you” Level of Difficulty: Close eyes


Epic Plank #4: Trolley Plank

Plank in public area? Yup,  a trolley plank is fun for plankers. Actually I just trolley plank infront of lappie with a shopping mart background on pc screen.. hahaha look awesome right.. i m too shy to do this ridiculous action in public area hahaha!
Level of Difficulty: Just a troll




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