Unhesitantly, I registered & completed the 10KM virtual run to start off the first day of 2019 at Putrajaya Botanical Gardens. Designed by the organizer 42Race, the New Year Resolution virtual run finisher’s medal takes the shape of an unwritten open book. Just like the saying ‘life’s a blank canvas’, it’s up to us to fill in the blank pages with adventures and achievements we can be proud of.

Take a closer look, the medal is carved with tall skyscrapers line the top of the book to depict the progress of the world’s technological advancements. Similarly, we can relate this to our own lives as we had also started from humble beginnings and worked our way up. At the centerpiece of the medal having rotatable, one-line wishes written in Chinese 恭賀新禧 meaning Happy New Year, decorated with Chinese Lion Dance to welcome CNY on 5th Feb.

I love this inspirational phrase: 2019 is only one chapter in our lives but let’s make it a great one!

New Year Resolution Virtual Run 2019 10KM Medal

New Year Resolution Virtual Run 2019 10KM Medal. Credited to 42Race.

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