Built in the year 1888, Perdana Botanical Gardens, also known as Perdana Lake Gardens, consist of Deer Park, Hibiscus Park, Orchid Parks, is Kuala Lumpur’s first large-scale recreational park with many amazing natural beauties flaunting their tropical glories within this 226 acres land. It’s like a mind rejuvenation spa, wash away all the negative auras absorbed in this hustle and bustle of the city life.


Bamboo Playhouse, Tranquil Lake, White Bridge and Flowers

These make your jogging journey so relaxing, blissful and calming. Chillax at the Bamboo Playhouse designed by the talented local architect – Eleena Jamil.


Perdana Botanical Gardens KL Lake and Bridge


Green Lungs of the KL City

Perdana Botanical Gardens just like the New York City Central Park, where the people enjoy cycling, jogging, picnic, practicing Yoga, Taichi and sorts of activities that nurturing good health.


Perdana Botanical Gardens Lake KL City


The Pure Lotus Ponds

Forget the plastic-made lotus decoration flower selling in the shopping mall. You can see how beautiful a real lotus blooming from the tranquil pond. They are low-key elegant, quiet and so pure.


Perdana Botanical Gardens KL Lotus Pond


The Cannon Ball Flowers

Unrelated to any warfare, this unique plant produced unique gorgeous red-petals flowers and cannon-ball like fruit.


Perdana Botanical Gardens KL Cannon Ball Flowers


The Addorable Bow Flowers

This tiny purple & white colors bow flower made by the mother nature! Exremely fine, elegant and appealing.


Perdana Botanical Gardens KL Ribbon Flowers


The Red Flowers

They are plenty of unknown lovely flowers blooming around the parks. They’re portraying a main message: life is beautiful.


Perdana Botanical Gardens KL Flowers and Lake


The Spider Lily

Anything related to the spider isn’t something cute, except this. Such a lovely [spider] flower.


Perdana Botanical Gardens KL White Spider Lily Flower


The Pink Princess

Palm-size hibiscus, Malaysia’s national flower, in sweet pink, just like princesses in the garden.


Perdana Botanical Gardens KL Pink Hibiscus National Flower Malaysia


The Tropical Lavender

A small part of the garden is growing lavender-like flowers, in pink, violet and white which you can take nice photos.


Perdana Botanical Gardens KL Pink and Purple Tropical Lavender Malaysia


The Giant Joey Palm

Hi Joey! This is your palm! A special plant name, it grows giant leaves, taller than an average teenager’s 160cm height.


Perdana Botacal Gardens KL Giant Joey Palm


The Tropical Pink Daphne

She is a beautiful lady named Daphne, blooming in an adorable sphere-shaped with tiny pink petals.


Perdana Botanical Gardens KL Tropical Pink Daphne Flower


The Ixora Flower

This is one of the most common fencing decoration flower in Malaysia. It always blooming attractive cluster of flowers and leathery leaves.


Perdana Botanical Gardens KL Orange Ixora Flower


The Pink Hibiscus

This is a smaller species compared to the previous one. They bloom all year long, easy to nurture and comes with orange, white, red colors as well.


Perdana Botanical Gardens KL Pink Hibiscus


The Hibiscus El Capitolio Sport

This is a unique hibiscus species like a lady is on her elegant silky tango dress.


Perdana Botanical Garden Hibiscus El Capitolio Sport


The Spider Hibiscus Schizopetalus

They look like little red lantern hanging along the plants.


Perdana Botanical Gardens KL Spider Hibiscus Schizopetalus


The Horse Chestnuts Trees

Unknown to the plant name, it somehow lookalike to the horse chestnuts trees.


Perdana Botanical Gardens Horse Chestnuts Tree


Orchids under the Unique Geometrical Pattern of the Canopy

Have a chillax time sitting under the canopy and admire to the passionate red orchids.


Perdana Botanical Gardens Orchids KL


The Thunbergia Erecta Alba

A simple, trumpet-shaped flowers, blooming wildly under the warm sunshine. Simply sweet and beautiful.


Perdana Botanical Gardens KL Thunbergia Erecta Alba


The Java Apple Jambu

Java Apple, or called by the local – Jambu, is a very juicy, crunchy tropical fruit. It’s very easy to grow and as pretty, nutritious as red apple!


Perdana Botanical Gardens KL Java Apple Jambu


The Mushroom Shaped Trees

The gardeners planted the trees like a troop of mushrooms.


Perdana Botanical Gardens Mushroom Shaped Trees


The Little Fish Pond

Your jogging route would be a little more interesting to cross over this fish pond.
The gardeners planted the trees like a troop of mushrooms. A little cute scenery to snap photo.


Perdana Botanical Gardens KL Little Fish Pond


The Deer Park

You don’t have to pay a single cent to visit zoo just to say hello to Bambi. Just say hi to them when you jogging in this park.


Perdana Botanical Gardens KL Deer Farm


The Fishes

The fishes are very responsive to fish flakes. Usually family with kids love to feed them.


Perdana Botanical Gardens Fish Lake


The Rose Periwinkle Bed

Feel the simple happiness when your jogging route pass by such a beautiful flower bed.


Perdana Botanical Gardens KL Flowers


The Rooster Farm

There are several small huts living groups of chicken. Those roosters wandering around looking for worms.


Perdana Botanical Gardens KL Chicken Farm


The Diamond Shaped Garden Pavillion

The geometrical pattern roof creates a modern design feel, a good place to have a break and to avoid afternoon hot sun or sudden rain.


Perdana Botanical Gardens KL Diamond Shaped Garden Pavillion


The Big Fountain Lake

Under the sunlight, the splashing fountain water reflect a beautiful rainbow.


Perdana Botanical Gardens Jogging Park with Fountain Lake Kuala Lumpur


The Greenery Jogging Route

The river, adorable trees & flowers, the stone floor, the fresh air work wonderly to cleanse negative energy in your body.


Perdana Botanical Gardens Jogging Park KL


The Garden Rest Area

There are chairs almost at every corner in the gardens, clean and quiet.


Kuala Lumpur Perdana Botanical Gardens Jogging Park Rest Area


The Chilling Drinks

Feel so great having a cup of chilling Milo chocolate malt beverage with ice, cool down your 10KM run body heat.


Perdana Botanical Gardens Milo Ice Chilling Drink


The Ice Cream

It’s a very blessing moment when you can have ice cream, watching & listening to the sound of beautiful fountain lake, birds chirping and admiring the tropical queen orchids.


Perdana Botanical Gardens Ice Cream KL


Flora and Fauna

Perdana Botanical Gardens is a great place in the city to stay in touch with the mother nature.


Perdana Botanical Gardens Red Flower KL


How To Go Perdana Botanical Gardens?

Address: Jalan Kebun Bunga, Tasik Perdana, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Operating Hours: 5.30am – 8.30pm
Area: 91.6 hectares (226 acres)
Entrance: FREE
Secret tips: You will very hard to get a car park at the small garden’s car park area. Go to nearby National Planetarium (Planetarium Negara) car park, there is plenty of parking slots, and just walking distance to the Perdana Botanical Gardens, both attractions are connected.



What You Can Do in this Perdana Botanical Gardens?

1. Jogging / walking / cycling (can rent at the park) / running / yoga / Taichi
2. Flora and Fauna Photography / modeling photography / family photography
3. Read a good book
4. Natural scenery painting
5. Learn about tropical plant species & ecosystem.
6. Finding peacefulness
7. Short escape the city in the city
8. Organize a simple birthday party
9. Play scavenger hunt
10. Picnic with friends and family


Nearby Attractions (Walking Distance)

1. National Museum of Malaysia
2. National Monument
3. Kuala Lumpur Bird Park
4. Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park


See Kuala Lumpur Orchid Garden

KL Orchid Garden with plenty of unique orchids species is nested within this Perdana Botanical Gardens, let’s go!


Kuala Lumpur Orchid Garden Beautiful Jogging Track in KL

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