We are just a microorganism in this infinity galaxy! Galaxy virtual run is an interesting theme to run for, especially its medal design totally depicted how great if we could temporarily escape this troublesome yet beautiful mother earth, explore the mysterious eight planets in our solar system. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune forming a circle, silently cruising through the star-filled galaxy, imagine our daily problems not even worth our seconds to worry on. Be the astronaut, shoots off from the rocket and soars through the skies and across the galaxy, touching grounds we never thought possible!

  • Medal Front Feature: vivid colourful eight planets in the solar system. A rotatable, adorable astronaut is carrying a green air tank shooting upon the galaxy, a rocket launched into space. Also printed the running distance 5KM Finisher.
  • Medal Back Feature: moulded the run theme ‘Galaxy Virtual Run 2019’, embolden with mini rocket, tiny shining stars and nice to touch as they are all protruding.
  • Medal Size: Width 7.6cm x Height 9.7cm
  • Medal & Strap Colors: Purple blue lanyard with colourful planets pattern on it. Printed the organizer logo 42Race surrounding with mini stars.


Space Astronaut Galaxy 5KM Virtual Run Medal

Space Astronaut Galaxy 5KM Virtual Run Medal Back


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