Boring, too technical, too much lengthy articles, lack of creativity are often commented by the marketers to their SEO specialists. However, based on Google Keyword Planner data, the global searches for SEO is still on the significant growth path.

SEO Demand Statistic 2019

Google Keyword Planner indicated the global search volumes for ‘SEO Marketing’ is averagely 15k per month and it’s keep rising since 2015


SEO Services Statistic 2019

Global searches for SEO Service never decrease in the past 5 years.


Connecting Human and Search Engine Bots

Don’t forget the powerful invisible force that you can’t see with your eyeballs (not ghost) – the search engine bots. SEO is not commonly be taught in the university modules, usually can be learned via 1 – 2 days workshop with a costly price tag or self-learning online. Those algorithms penalty, backlinks, meta tagging, content rules, site architecture & other technical knowledge are indeed vital to building up a high-performance website (not just creatively fancy). SEO fill the gap for web developers and online marketers who have no ideas on what Google really cares and also play the critical role for connecting the website for between the search engine bots and their target visitors effectively.
Action Plan: From the SEO perspective, take a look at what Google really cares for your site.


SEO is an Irreplaceable Marketing Channel

SEO makes the website friendly to search engine bots, the ones that always been forgotten during the stage of planning the site architecture. People often focus on the top 3 elements during developing the site: UI/UX, visual aesthetics, trendiness. These search engine unfriendly sites have very limited exposure to rank on top of Google organic search. Eventually, business owners have to spend a huge budget to get seen on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and other paid media but remain not found on the most trusted Google organic listing. Paid media can’t simply replace SEO, but the synergy of these channels make online business win.
Action Plan: Sync your SEM with SEO campaigns. You can expect to get cheaper CPC in your ads and better paid and organic conversions!


Balancing That Matters

Business owners often got lost in direction when they are flooding with HD images, fancy website features under the influences of creative, social media and image-centric platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat & etc. In the past 6 years’ experience, it’s commonly heard from the marketing managers saying ‘people don’t read long articles’, ‘people don’t read, they love to see beautiful images, videos’. Yes, it’s half-true. One important concept in SEO, as a marketer shall not use social media or other channels judgments to imply for SEO. Search Engine Optimisation is mainly catering for visitors in the condition of ‘searching for information’, whereby all types of info-rich format really matter, including graphics, articles, videos & UX/UI have to be equally presented on the website.
Action Plan: SEO is not a social or creative media. Holistically adding text-based content, videos, and images to your web pages and you can expect Average Time on Site (engagement metric) will significantly increase!


Stay Fresh: New Stories is A Must

You might often get advice from your SEO specialist for constantly producing fresh content such as blog articles & etc. Among 300+ Google algorithms, the one has a significant impact on site ranking is the Google Content Freshness Signal aka. Google Caffeine, which is aiming to rank the website that consistently publishing new informational articles to feed their visitors. SEO helps those marketers who are unaware of fresh content could help in improving ranking with new keywords, increasing both new and returning visitors. Offering good reasons (with updated useful info) for your visitors to come back not only to your FB or Instagram but your website that converts visitors to money.
Action Plan: If your SEO result stuck like a duck. Go for content blossoming like those aggregator sites: TripAdvisor, Viator or update your site as frequent as social media.


Not What You (or Your Corporate) Think, But What Your Visitors Think

Review your own webpage contents, are they written based on your interest, your corporate branding direction or your management decisions? SEO-friendly content will perform comprehensive markets trend analysis & research, which are covering search behavior from every marketing funnels (awareness > interest > consideration > purchase) by leveraging intuitive tools such as BuzzSumo, AnswerThePublic, Google Trends & Google Keywords Planner.
Action Plan: Review your web content and start to speak and write in your visitor languages & stories.

Today is valentine’s day. SEO is your website’s best lover. It takes care of your site last forever.

Laney S. is an SEO Specialist with 8 years of experience in managing multinational, multilingual projects 😉

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