AI-chatbot, voice search and SEO, how’s their correlation can help a website to embrace the future of search? Okay, firstly, what is an Artificial Intelligent (AI) powered chatbot? It’s unlike the common chatbot which always return default answers that make you feel either you are dumb, or it is dumber, and the chatbot’s owner is the dumbest. With AI-powered, chatbot has the machine learning system that constantly capture and process the unique languages & terms that the visitors entered, categorize them into higher relevancy info and thus produce higher accuracy answer that is helpful to everyone. Why & how Artificial Intelligent (AI) powered chatbot is helpful? 3 Reasons (or more)


Reason 1: Time Is Precious

Nah!! Ain’t nobody got time to write an inquiry email, fill up the tedious contact form with captcha or use the hidden search box to get answers that can clear their doubts and questions. AI chatbots offer visitors the opportunity to get answers to their queries a.s.a.p! So, they don’t have to wait for a response from a voicemail or email message.


Reason 2: Personalization Is Precious

Yumiko: Hello! Can I bring my pet dog and hamster to your hotel?
A common chatbot be like auto prompted: Please wait for our support agent or call our guest service line. Thank You.
Yumiko: Arghhh what a dumb bot…
AI Chatbot: Hi Yumiko! Yes, certain pets are allowed. Dog bed, foods & etc will be provided. See our pet policy (link).

It’s very ineffective with generic reply to visitors. AI chatbots can perform better in replying human’s higher intelligent (than monkey) queries by providing tailored approach. It has a smart database & wide array of setting options to crawl for the best answer, if not found, it will auto record and learn the tricky questions, and connect to a service staff to handle the unique query immediately.


Reason 3: It Yields Actionable Data that Google Analytics Won’t Tell You Easily.

High bounce rate, high exit rate, short average time on site, you noticed. It’s the sign of low quality of either visitors, your web content or web structure, this mismatching doesn’t bring you any good fortune. Whereas Google Analytics only swarm you a sea of data that make you feel like struggling to swim back to the shore in the middle of…. Pacific Ocean?

So, what common actions marketers will take when meeting this bottleneck? They perform UI/UX research & testing (yes, it’s helpful but, too late & damn costly), spend more money in conversion rate optimization by keep testing the button colors, interface, sneak peeking where is the hot clicks area via heatmap & etc. (helpful yet very time & manpower consuming, of course, it’s costly too).

AI chatbot, a marriage between analytics and visitors. You will see interesting stories in its analytics dashboard instead of a pool of numbered dry data. AI chatbot has analytics that record the visitors’ interaction. Accurately diagnose what “kind” of visitor is via their queries, this helps you to upsell more effectively based on their demand, ideas, complaints, feedback, compliment & etc.


How Does AI-Powered ChatBot Helps SEO & Voice Search?

As we know that among 200+ algorithm ranking factors, Google pointed out the top 3 ranking factors: Links, Content and Rank Brain have the biggest impact on SEO. This AI-Chatbot helps from the aspects of the Content & Rank Brain (the most vital elements and can be fully controlled by you).


Content – FAQ, Q&A, and How-To

According to the Google Search Team, ‘How To’, FAQ and Q&A content is coming to the top of Google. Many unique questions asked by the visitors are unable to easily discover within the Google Analytics or Google Search Console’s queries. Currently, we can gather those questions from Google My Business Page Q&A section, Reddit, Google FAQ list.

Once installed an AI chatbot on the website, we can acquire better insights, actionable data from visitors’ questions. A comprehensive chatbot analytics will show the statistic of the most frequently asked questions. How to empower this data? It provides a great, measurable insight of the visitors’ intentions, discover what is not being clearly perceived on your website, what your marketing team is failing to communicate and visitors’ pain points that you might not even have a clue that existed. The SEO content writer can utilize this data to generate much better, engaging & info-rich content to serve their visitors. Eventually, the site grabs the golden opportunity to boost rank with more type of keywords, especially the long tail queries, effectively solve the issues of low-value visits & ranking-stagnant keywords.


Rank Brain – The Dwell Time

How to measure if a site is engaging enough? Look at the dwell time in GA (Rank Brain’s criteria). AI Chatbot can reduce bounce rate and retain the confusing, inquisitive visitors by proactively prompt personalized friendly greetings (make your hard-cold site feel welcoming, not annoying pop-up!), auto-suggest relevant options, push new promo, the convenience of direct booking in chat & etc.


Voice Search – No More Screen Time

The rise of voice search. By 2020, 50% of all searches will be voice search. What type of website could possibly be the biggest loser in the voice search environment? Minimalist, heavy graphics designed website. Why? It’s simple because there is no sufficient text-based content to feed the search bots to crawl and read the answer to the queries. Search engine bots are not smart enough to read & interpret images, photos, videos and tell a thousand words. Try upload your headshot photo in Google image search, it probably finds ‘similar’ images like potato, volleyball or coconut that look like your head / face. In short, text-based content (relate back to the previous point) always the top priority for voice search devices (ie. Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Cortana enabled Harman Kardon’s smart speaker) to rely on and to return high accuracy result. AI Chatbot would become the most important tool to help you do the leap of faith in embracing the new challenge of voice search.


AI-Chatbot Features, Interesting!

More than chat. Some advanced AI Chatbots are integrated with great features that are value added to the business, such as booking system, payment system, notification system, re-marketing system & etc, all done within a chat conversation. As in this post solely for knowledge sharing purpose, I’m not doing any advertising for any brands, but here I recommend you can have a look at these two: HeyMojo and HiJiffy.

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