This blog post is to commemorate the last memories of Hong Kong SAR. Starting from tomorrow 28 May 2020, the China Government will impose the hugely controversial China Security Law in Hong Kong, which will centralize the governance of Hong Kong by adopting the mainland China Law, and this influences the status of Special Administrative Region, whereby Hong Kong Government has no absolute authority to administrate Hong Kong, Hong Kong citizens might lose its democracy and freedom to vote, speak, educate and run businesses.

Will the authentic culture of Hong Kong be gone under the administration of China Security Law?

On 1 July 1997, Hong Kong officially reverted to Chinese sovereignty with the status of SAR, ending 156 years of British rule. This region has uniquely merged the cultures of British and China, and nurtured special Cantonese language influenced by English such as 士多啤梨 (si to pe lei, Strawberry), 士多店 (si to, Store), 芒 (mong, Monitor).

I witnessed extremely rush, stressful, sturdy, realistic, straightforward are the common criteria of Hong Kong people. They are very proud of the success of Hong Kong as one of the top international financial centre in Asia as well as those classic HK movies, and the people are tirelessly working smartly to compete and be the best in HK & globally.

The highly influential Hong Kong megastars Jackie Chan, Anita Mui, Sammo Hung, Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Dodo Cheng, Steven Chow, Aaron Kwok, Chow Yun Fat, all of them are shaping an incredible impression toward HK with their amazing movies, songs and TVB dramas. They are part of my life since I was a kid watching their masterpieces.

High-density & costly living space, I experienced a shocking 1m x 1m tiny shower room during a business trip to Hong Kong. As a tourist visiting a random small grocery store, I’ve got shouted in sudden with an unfriendly tone by their storekeeper: wan ngum dou zao choot sang!!! [speak out if you couldn’t find it!]. I was stunned and not sure how to respond, I’d like to say hello and thank you to the Hongkie and he shut the window in 0.00 second.

It’s a great blessing for me to know & learn from Hong Kong, managing Hong Kong SEO projects, have special Hong Kong colleagues & friends, ride Ding Ding Tram, have an opportunity to speak & presented in Central HK, visited the smallest Disneyland and many more. I will continue to carry & share these beautiful memories, HK values & culture to the next generation.

My best wishes to Hong Kong people, stay safe & Hong Kong forever!

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