You are mermaidzing when you stop using and say no to plastic bags, plastic cup & lid, plastic straw, say no to shark fin soup & etc. Runner Dot Com organized a 10KM virtual running theme that comes with a superbly elegant mermaid finisher medal, perfect for anyone who’s obsessed with the fairytale creature and the ocean!

You Are Mermaidzing Virtual Run Medal Design

  • Medal Front Feature: an artistically faceless mermaid with ocean-wavy long hair, crescent moon shaped long mermaid tail with beautiful fish scale.
  • Medal Back Feature: Engraved the organizer brand [Runner Dot Com], You Are MERMAIDzing 10KM Virtual Run 2019.
  • Medal Size: Width 6.5cm x Height 7.5cm
  • Medal & Strap Colors: Azure blue with seashells pattern neck ribbon, shining gold color coated medal body and mermaid outline, multi shades of blue on the fish scale.
  • Uniqueness: The mermaid is in absolutely classy swim pose, perfectly flaunting her hair like the ocean waves. It shines in gold under the light reflection. A high-quality medal that worth to earn. The slogan of this run was ‘I Can’t Run, I’m A Mermaid’, but personally, I believe everyone is Mermaidzing when stop using plastic materials that is very hazardous to ocean creatures.

I’ve completed this 10KM run at this very beautiful Perdana Botanical Gardens Kuala Lumpur.

You Are Mermaidzing 10KM Virtual Run Mermaid Medal 2019

You Are Mermaidzing Finisher Medal 10KM Virtual Run

Mermaid Running Finisher Medal

Mermaid can’t run, I run for the mermaid!

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